Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 4

Cameron is struggling with the move....just the thought of living in another house is a little too much for him. The other day Cameron told me I could move and he was staying with his Grandma. Change is hard even for me! My sister Teri gave me a great idea, get Cameron, today he painted! It's funny it lasts for about 1.5 minutes but at least he can say he did it!

Here he is painting the hallway

and then his "transformer" bedroom!

and YES Teri I paint too!!!!!!

We painted for about 7 hours today! The ceilings were primed, the living room has color on all the walls, Cameron's bedroom is painted and needs a second coat, the skylight was primed and my dad showed up to tell me what lumber I need to buy for the fence. It was a very productive day!

I'm feeling so grateful's amazing how many people are willing to help because they love me! I've been very blessed!

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Dallin said...

Anyone can pose with a roller in hand...I think I may need a video:) LOVE the BM that Cameron is doing as a painter...keep that up!