Thursday, February 12, 2009

OUCH it cut me!

Cameron has been working hard on his Valentine's all week! He decided his name was too long so he has been writing from Cam on each card. Just like his mom trying to find the easier softer way! The funny thing is he made a card for himself and it reads;
To: Cameron
From: Cam

I'm not sure why Cameron put one of the cards in his mouth...I was making his lunch this morning and I looked up and saw him swipe it across his lips, "Ouch it cut me!" Grandma was nice enough to offer him a wet rag to help with the worked because he kept doing his cards!


Dallin said...

cards don't cut people...people cut people! He best be sending one of those silly valentines to his favorite cousin!

The Snedegers said...

O I love valentines at that age!!! You get alot of valentines and you get to make a cool box to put them in!!! O to be a kid!!

Twisted Sister said...

How funny! Valentines in elementary school... the good old days!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute.... I should have had Olivia start earlier!