Monday, February 23, 2009

Mom, I did the pizza!!!!

Cameron spent the weekend with my dad and step dad turned 61 on Friday and decided for his birthday he wanted to take Cameron skiing. Cameron was so excited...on the way to meet Grandpa Thursday night he asked me, "mom, how will I stop when I'm going down Mt. Rainer?" For those that know me I hate the cold therefore I'm a non-skier. I told Cameron I had NO CLUE!!! When I talked to Cameron on Saturday you would of thought he had just won the lottery he talked to me for 20 minutes about skiing and that's amazing for a kid who usually refuses to talk on the phone:

Mom: "Did you have fun?"
Cameron: "Mom, it was so cool! I know how to just do the pizza"
Mom: "The pizza?"
Cameron: "Yea, you put your skis in the shape of pizza."

Here are tons of pics and a video from Cameron's adventure...
Cameron before he took his first 2 hour lesson

off with Grandpa to try things out...

and a few times he crashed

Grandpa was really impressed with how well he did on his first trip. Cameron is already asking to go back for night skiing. Thanks Grandpa!!!!


Anonymous said...

That's so awesome... I wish someone would take my girls skiing... because just like you I don't ski!

Riley Family said...

Mandy, Have I have not been very good at blogging latley. I just wanted you to know that I caught up on your blog. Happy V Day! Cameron is growing up so much I love the little talking back and forth that you post. He is a great kid! Has he ever been on the Listening Program with OT? It has absolutley changed Ethan's life!!!!! He is actually sleeping through the night now. :) Tell Cameron, "good job doing the pizza!" Much love!!!