Sunday, October 5, 2008

I see my shadow

Please keep reading...I've made several posts in the last 2 days and I'm happy to say I'm almost caught up.

Aunt Vicki came to watch Cameron's soccer game. (side note) I was grateful she was there...I was not feeling well and ended up on the couch all weekend with a horrible headache. Cameron loved it because he got to watch cartoons for 2 days. My son reminds me of my brother Keith...they could be twins. When my brother would play baseball you could often find him watching his Shadow as he ran the bases or picking the grass and talking to himself while he was in the outfield. Cameron spent most of this game chasing/watching his shadow..."when I look at it I can see how fast I'm running."

If you remember I complained about the uniforms and duplicate numbers on the same team...well, now we have 2 teams with the same colored uniforms in the same league. What is going on???? There are a zillion number combinations out there and an abundant of color options. Can we please think outside of the box!!!!

Go Wolves!!!!!

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John and Jaime said...

I think the same "shirt" thing happens in every league. It isn't that hard to figure out people. It is cool that you were able to get a picture with his shadow in it. You can tell in his face that he is watching it. How funny.