Sunday, October 5, 2008

Keeps getting better

Again today after breakfast Cameron asked to do Homework. Don't laugh...while watching him I got teared up...he is so big...he can write and is sounding out long words. It's amazing!!!! I'm so proud of him.

At school Cameron wears uniforms; school picture day was "free dress" day--I didn't think it was fair to make Cameron wear something I wanted him to on his first free dress day, so, I let Cameron pick out his own outfit...Pokemon shirt and shorts. Go figure! He let me do his hair although you can't tell.
I was caught...

Cameron was so proud of his 6 flies he drew, "mom, I made them happy by drawing smiles!"

Just a few months ago Cameron would not even sit to color. Now, he loves to draw and color and is staying in the lines.


John and Jaime said...

I love seeing his schoolwork. It seems like all of a sudden a light bulb goes on and they are doing things you didn't know they could. How cute that he picked out his own outfit. It may not make you so happy right now but in about 10 years it will be priceless. So cute!!

Christina said...

I love his school picture, it shows his fun personality.
Good for you for letting him choose, there will be many more and much bigger things to fight about.