Saturday, October 4, 2008

Doing the Puyallup

I'm way behind with posting and I've forgotten my camera at some very important events. Bare with me as I catch up...
This was a crazy Saturday! Cameron had a game in the morning--tie 3 to 3. Cameron thought that was pretty cool. He made the first goal of the game but of course I was not taping it. Then he started doing an instant replay--it was way cute. Then that afternoon we took off to the Puyallup Fair (Grandma, Vicki, Steve, Jamie and Kensie). Of course we go the last weekend and the first day it rains. The weather had been beautiful for weeks...
I love my brother Steve. I'm so proud of him and the weight he's lost and the body he's created. However, it gets very old listening to his EGO. He teases me constantly and knows that I get bugged by it--sometimes. Here was his chance to show off!! He thought it would be funny to take off his shirt--thank goodness it was raining.

We looked at a lot of animals...

Sheep Booty!!!!

Mom, what's up with the eyes?? It's chained up it's not going to get you!

Pig nose!
Unfortunately, the rain shut down most of the big rides. I was looking forward to the roller coaster. Cameron and I went on the Ferris Wheel.

All the kiddy rides were open...this was one of their favs.

Thumbs up Kensie!!!
Cameron had to ride on this one again because it made cool wheelies. Then he had a melt down because I would not let him ride again. When do they finally learn that MONEY DOES NOT GROW ON TREES????? I spent $50 and we got in free!

I have videos to post but I can't get them to work right now so I'll try again another day!!!!

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