Thursday, July 24, 2008

Spray Park with Josie

The weather this week has sucked. The sun has peaked out each day at 6 pm!!! Nice! Today we finally saw the sun at 10:30 am and so it was time to head out doors. There is a spray park in Auburn (highly recommend) that Cameron wanted to go to. We called Josie to see if she could go and off we went. They had a blast!!!!

They spent the first 20 minutes drinking the water and spitting it at each germs!

It's raining it's pouring, mommy is snoring!!!

Water got boring and these two busy bodies started to explore. Not sure what he was so excited about!!!!!!

Then they found "Fluffy." They named the squirrel and then chased it all around. They even attempted to pick it up several times. This is how the conversation went; Me: Guys, that thing will bite.  Cameron: Fluffy won't bite.  Josie: She is so cute.  Finally, Fluffy got smart and headed up a tree.


Dallin said...

That park is way cooler then the Gateway mall water thing....I love your blog and seeing all the fun things that Cameron is doing! Love the new cute! Keep up the good work!

amie979 said...

i love that me next time you go down there!

Sarah Humble said...

Hey you!! You are seriously looking so beautiful and your "little Cameron" is SO big. Hope you guys are doing well. :)