Friday, July 25, 2008

Soccer Camp Day 5--I'm a pretty princess

Before you watch this video I need to explain...I taped the video vertically on my camera, not thinking obviously that it would play vertically (I don't have a fancy camera like my brother Steve where it turns it for you on the screen). I've spent hours since Friday (today is Sunday) working on my error; Google searching, trying different programs and finally found a program that would turn my video around. Well, as you will see in a minute or two it did not work--well, on my computer it's right side up but not here...HELP!!!! I had to put it on's another soccer warm-up game that lasted 45 minutes. Cameron was done 15 minutes in.

This must be a Brit thing: When the kids are not listening to Coach Spike and Coach Andy they make them hold hands and skip around singing, "I'm a pretty princess." This is a big waste of time because the older kids think it's fun. Well, some of the parents got together and thought it would be fun to have them dress like princesses.

To finish the week off the coach who had the least amount of points (after the coaches challenge) got drenched by all the kids. Coach Andy lost but I think Coach Spike rigged it. All in all this was a great week...looking forward to soccer in the fall.

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