Thursday, July 24, 2008

Soccer Camp Day 4--Sticky Brownie

So, each day has been a different was Sticky Brownie Day. I suck as a mother--I remembered at 9:30 and was not about to cook up some brownies. This is how it would have gone...9x9 pan, Cameron takes one and I eat all the rest. HOLY COW (literally)!!!!!! The coaches made up some story that in Europe they have sticky brownie contests...and people put a sticky brownies on their forehead and see who's can stick  the longest--ok??? 

Cameron and Coach Spike getting ready to play Crab & Shrimp

Rules of the Crab & Shrimp game: Crabs must stay down like a crab, (this is what set Cameron off yesterday...he wanted to walk, "my crab is too slow") and try and get the shrimp's ball. Shrimps must stay within Coach Spike's Stadium and stay away from the crabs. If they get caught them the shrimp will become a crab. Cameron is happy as long as he is winning.

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