Sunday, October 17, 2010

Soccer update

With my new work schedule and trying to adjust I haven't had time to blog lately. I've had things to say but no time to say it. So here is a soccer update; Cameron is doing great and really liking soccer this year. His favorite position is spoiler but I think that's because he doesn't have to run all over the field....he's no idiot he's always looking for the easier softer way!

Here he is taking a water break and waiting for his turn to go back in.

My little camera has taken some pretty good action shots.....ususally I get all blur so I'm glad these turned out well.

Like the beanie? Cameron's team is called the werwolves this year and Shannon the coach's wife took beanies and glued a fur mohawk on them. They are pretty cool!

Cameron finally being a goalie. Last year he always tried to sneak into that position but this year they officially get to have the title and play.

Thumbs-up....he must have done something good.

I love this shot!

At yesterdays game Cameron came up to me and told he really wasn't into playing soccer today. Not even 15 minutes he made his second goal of the season!! He was awarded the game ball for playing so well!!!!

It's almost over but it sure has been a great season!

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