Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Going to see the Troll

Vicki, Cameron and I headed to Seattle to bike the Burke-Gilman trail. Cameron had never seen the troll so we locked our bikes up down below and walked up to check it out.

Not sure what was going on with Cameron today but he refused to let us take his picture.

I kept trying to secretly snap pictures and he just kept complaining and telling me to put it away.

I must have snapped 20 pictures and most of them looked like this with his back or head turned.

After the troll we rode to Gas Works Park and ate our lunch. It a strange park but the view of Seattle is breathtaking.

Cameron is becoming a great rider and is learning how to share the road. Vicki and I were both really proud of him.

Our next bike ride will be around Green Lake, I hope!!!!


Alicia Jones said...

"locked out bikes up down below and waked up to check him out."

mandy...that sentence is indecipherable

agirlsmusthaves said...

It was really late last night and I was trying to talk to a friend who was over and type....I'll go and fix!!!

Mackenzie said...

confession: i've never been to the troll or gas works park. i think it's time to move back to seattle and actually do all the things people from there do.