Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Deception Pass

Summer is always a hectic time. It blows my mind how busy we get. I always think because I'm not working that I'm going to have all this time (8 extra hours) but it's not the case. I love having the time off but it just goes way too fast! At the beginning of the summer the three of us (Vicki, my mom and Me) sat with our calendars and planned out 4 outing days!!! Our first outing was to Deception Pass.

This place is beautiful!!!
We first started out by walking across the bridge....it was a little freaky when you looked down!

There is a bald eagle in this tree however you can't see it!!!

The view from the bridge was amazing

Love this picture.....wish I could have gotten a better angle on this picture but the railing and my butt got into the way.

After we walked across the bridge we hiked down to the water and had a picnic.

It was a great day!!!!

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