Monday, April 26, 2010

Pie = 3.14

Every morning I give Cameron a thumbs up or a thumbs's his way of showing Grandma how the morning has been. Some days it's double thumbs up, some days it's a side ways thumbs down, and he's even received two thumbs down (that was a rough morning). As we pull up to Grandma's and he's collecting all of his stuff (this usually takes several minutes) like his backpack, several toys and other crap he just has to bring. Then he debates with me about what he thinks he should receive for the morning:

C: Do I get a thumbs up?

M: Yea, you get a thumbs up!

C: Two thumbs up?

M: No, one today!

C: How about 3?

M: Bud, just one today! Hurray get you stuff....I love you but I got to go!

C: (now talking non-stop over my chatter) 4? 100? What about 1000? 1 billion? Pie?

M: Wait, Pie? What's pie?

C: (looking at me like I should know) Pie, is a number!

M: Who taught you about pie?

C: A friend.....

The things he is learning this year from 'friends' are cracking me up. Can you picture a bunch of 1st graders playing on the big toy and discussing pie???? Good times, good times!!!!

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Twisted Sister said...

The brains you've passed on to this kid! Let's do lunch... you two want to come over this Saturday and eat and play for a little while?