Sunday, April 25, 2010

I got the blue ribbon

Yesterday Cameron had his final track meet and I was actually there to see it. Here is a video of the 100yd dash. He received the first place blue ribbon, however; it appears after watching the video that he was second place.....but shhhh don't tell!!!

This is a video of Cameron's relay team....they did great and came in 2nd place. Cameron was the first runner so you can barely see him in the video---look for his red jacket!


Mama Thompson said...

We'll just say it's the angle of the camera and that's why you think he came in second. distracted him with your yelling...if you kept your mouth shut, he wouldn't have looked over at you thereby "losing" 1st...just sayin'

Christi Jones said...

lol....I agree with Teri..your yelling made him think that the race was over. That's why he slowed down at the end!! Way to go Man, you almost ruined his race!! ;o) Thanks for posting that...I hope to be home to see him do a sport. I always seem to be gone when he is doing stuff like that!!

The Watson's... said...

I love watching his race but I have to agree with your sisters! :P But good for you for cheering him on!