Thursday, November 5, 2009

He almost got me!

So, last night I was driving home with the music cranked up and got stopped at a light. I looked up in the rear view window and saw a cop behind me and I knew I was getting pulled over. The light turned green and his lights came on.

Cop: Good Evening your being audio and visually taped
Mandy: OK
Cop: May I have your license please.
Mandy: (digging through my cute but very large bag) here you go!
Cop: Proof of insurance?
Mandy: Yea, it's in my glove box (now digging for that....luckily it's on top)
Cop: (as he's looking at my stuff) Are you aware of the speed limit?
Mandy: (knowing I was probably speeding I said a higher speed so I didn't look so bad) It's 40 mph.
Cop: No, it's 35 and I got you going 45
Mandy: Oh, I don't think I was going that fast
Cameron: Yea, my mom was speeding
Mandy: Cameron be quiet
Cameron: She was speeding. She's been pulled over three times before.
Mandy: Cameron please stop (trying not to laugh while my son is ratting me out)
Cop: (a call came on his radio) here you go I got to go

I was so lucky!!!! He got another call, turned on his lights and burnt rubber down the road!!! Now what to do with Cameron tattling on his mother!!!! Lucky for me my insurance goes down this month if I stay out of trouble!!!!!! Moral of the story: Slow down!!!


Jamie said...

hahha... at least life is never boring with him right?

Unguren said...

Hee hee. Busted by your son!

Mama Thompson said...

So he can lie about getting green, but not about speeding?! We gotta work on that:) Glad you got lucky!