Saturday, August 1, 2009

some fairies came for a visit

My theme song for the week is, 'Count your many Blessings!' I've been so blessed....while I was basking in the sun for a week my wonderful mom and sister worked on my house. They finished my living room and the only thing left to do is the kitchen....YIPEE!!!

Also the youth in my ward came over and painted my porch and weeded my gardens! My porch bling is going to look great now!

and there is friend Scott made me a hearth and I LOVE IT!!!!! Did you hear me??? I LOVE IT!!!! I sat on the floor of my house just staring at!! I'm going to stain the mantle the same color but look how great it looks!

I've worked today to complete the kitchen.....the house is about 95% done! Yea, moving in is right around the corner!!!!!


Dallin said...

It looks so great...can't wait to get there and help you finish up! 3 more days!!!!

J and H Hunsaker said...

LOVE the hearth!!!!