Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pomp and Circumstance

What an exciting time of year.....I can't believe Cameron graduated from Kindergarten! Where did the year go?

Ms. McKay's Kindergarten Class of 08-09

Cameron receiving his certificate

Look how angelic, sweet, and kind he is.....

Oh, there we that's my Cameron!

Cameron's teacher Ms. McKay! She has been so good with Cameron this year....we are going to miss her lots!

I just love this picture (looks like a GAP kid ad).......don't mind the hair he wanted it all spikey for his big day!

I have other videos to post but want to edit them first. Cameron was chosen to recite a poem with 3 other children. He did a fabulous job!!!!

Cameron, I'm so proud of you and all that you've accomplished this year. You are an amazing little boy! This year you learned how to read, add and subtract, count way past 100, write, draw, you can even color in the lines (this is huge) you learned more about bugs, patterns, music, and best of all you learned how to make good choices! Now, it's summer time and we get to play for 72 days--together......I love you!


Jamie said...

AHHHH that is sweet!! I wish they did kindergarten graduation here. Cameron did a great job with the poem.

Dallin said...

For his next graduation can he wear a prom dress like that sweet light blue one...seriously...what dress code is that under??? Congrats Cameron!