Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Field Day

Yesterday was field day....Cameron was so excited that his mom got to come and hang out. He sure looks happy, huh????

Lots of water stations (Teri, when Dallin starts attending school note to self: send him with a change of clothes....he'll get soaked and you know how he'll love that)

This is a very competitive class.....

Cameron got mad at his classmates because his team was losing. He looked at 2 kids and said, "it's your fault we lost because you spilt all the water on your body!!!!" Those 2 kids were soaked from head to toe and kept handing Cameron a bucket with just a couple of drops left!

more water....these balloons would not pop for nothing!

Cameron's 2 best friends Justin and Jacob....these boys are best friends one day and then Cameron's is chocking them out the next...true story they hurt his feelings! He's lucky he did not get suspended!


Pull, pull, pull or tug, tug, tug!!!

Choke the chicken.....I mean catch the chicken! Some of the stations were a little weird! The kindergartens loved them but can you imaging 6th graders playing this game?

This day was full of sensory activities....maybe that's why Cameron slept so well last night :)

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