Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The economy is still going to suck in 20 years

Cameron and I went to get his haircut last night. Let me first start off saying that this use to be Steve's hairdresser and she has a crush on him. She is always asking about me about him; if he likes California, is he moving back, how is he doing and to please tell him to come and see her the next time he is in town. She has never once asked anything about Cameron or I. I don't even think she knows are names....it's all about Steve!

Ok...enough about Steve (I told him last night that I could see and feel his EGO all the way over here)! While Cameron was getting his faux hawk (see definition below) here is the conversation that took place:

Cameron: I'm going to be a hair cutter when I grow up.
Cindy: You are!
Cameron: Yea, I'm going to work here.
Cindy: Oh, if this place is still around!

Mom: Cameron tell her you're going to buy the place.
Cameron: I'm going to buy this place...you can work here too!
Cindy: How much you going to pay?

long pause

Mom: Cameron, how much money are you going to give her?

even longer pause

Cameron: 5 cents

Faux Hawk definition according to Urban dictionary: retards that have regular hair and try and gel them to make them into a mohawk. So Steve, what does that say about you?????


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

oh that was hilarious! i'm sure steve's ego did grow a bit! I don't know it is about hairdressers having crushed on married men. I think JD's gal used to also! Anyway, totally laughed at this post!

Unguren said...

So funny. I will go into buisness with him for 2 cents.