Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Day out with Dad

Cameron wanted to go to Denny's and have breakfast with his Dad. Why is Denny's such a fun place to go when you're a kid? As a kid I always looked forward to when my Grandma and Grandpa Bellingham would take us there! I'm glad Cameron is able to make good memories there too. After Cameron ate chicken and fries for breakfast (I know, I know) we headed to the family fun center!

Video games, video games, video games!!! I hate playing them because I'm no good! It's a real ego-deflater when the 6 year old beats you almost every time and then when you finally do win they get mad! Jimmy challenged Cameron, beat him and Cameron was a good sport about it!

Jimmy also won Cameron 6 dinosaurs.....I call these machines "money suckers" but Jimmy was successful...this sucks for me because Cameron told me, "if my dad can do it you can too mom!" Next time you see me ask me the story about the time I spent $40 in one of these!

I got stuck playing in the water with Cameron.....I say stuck because I had white shorts on! It was a total set-up, I was the only adult and there were 5 rug rats in there who all ganged up on me. Cameron told me he would not get me wet and he didn't!

Then it was off to the races.....

Who will win?

These cars go so's hard to catch people when your the last one out of the gate but they didn't do to badly; "My dad, passed 5 people!"

"Mom, I really love my dad and he drives soooooo fast too!!!"

Back in the water....this time I sat out!

Cameron loves to jump on "other" G&G's tramp, so, of course he had to give this a whirl!

Today was a great day! Cameron and his dad are really enjoying getting to know each other and I'm honored to be a part!


Stephanie said...

That's great Mandy! Cameron looks so happy and I'm sure he'll always remember these moments getting to know his dad. You are such a great person and mom!

The Snedegers said...

Looks Like fun!!! $40.00 on a toy machine??? Hum I think you could have filled the machine with toys three times over!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest thing- I'm so happy for Cameron!!!

Anonymous said...

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