Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big Weekend

Cameron and I are enjoying the summer thus far. This week we were able to enjoy the sun, hang out with friends and Vicki had me packing and organizing my crap! All in all it's a good start....
Friday Cameron and I went over to Aunt Erica's house (Jimmy's sister) to meet their Dad who was in from Spokane. It was a very eventful evening; first, we rode the quads. I had heels on so that made it kind of!

Then Andrew and Cameron took it for a spin...

and then it was Cameron's turn!

Next, Cameron jumped on a bike with no training wheels and started riding it...what? I've been begging him for weeks to take those things off and we refused!

he is sooooo proud of himself!

This is Grandpa Henry.....Cameron loves his Grandpas and was so excited to meet his "new" Grandpa!

Here is everyone being goofy.....Andrew (7), Eric (4), Grandpa Henry, Joseph (8) and Cameron (6). Cameron loves playing with his "new" cousins and begs to go over there all the time!

Last but not least on Saturday Cameron lost his tooth.....look at that grin!

I was laying in bed Sunday morning and I heard my mom and Cameron talking:
Cameron: Grandma, the tooth fairy did not come! (at this point I'm kicking myself.....I even checked to make sure I had cash and still forgot!)
Grandma: Maybe the tooth fairy is on vacation. She'll probably come tomorrow night!
Cameron: (now in my room) Mom, the tooth fairy is on vacation that's why she didn't come.
Mom: Yea, that sounds is summer time! (still feeling like a horrible mom)


Anonymous said...

That's SO sad- but I'm pretty sure it sounds like something I would do! But good for your Mom- that was quick thinking!

The Watson's... said...

He rode a bike without training wheels!!! I'll have to get Garret learning this week!

Jaime said...

That is so cool that he has so many boy cousins around his same age. How fun.
Don't feel bad about about the Tooth Fairy. I can't even count how many times she has forgotten in our house.

Anonymous said...

my mom forgot all the time she would just tell me that the tooth fairy had so many teeth to collect that sometimes it took her two nights lol. one time she took three!

J and H Hunsaker said...

Way to go on no training wheels whoo hoo

Mackenzie said...

Tell Cameron I think he is a good-lookin' kid. He always looks like he's having so much fun! (I'm sure he has his moments, but he's still cute.)

Any house updates?