Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Truth or Whopper?

About 6 months ago we had an FHE lesson about lying. Wow Wow Wubbzy (way cute cartoon) had an episode about telling whoppers. Wubbzy spent the whole show lying to his friends and the lie kept getting bigger and bigger. It was an easy way to explain lying vs. telling the truth. Cameron got it!!!!! It was pretty simple. Since then there has not been too many problems with lying.

Today I worked late and arrived home at 5:30. My mom had left for the cannery and my brother Keith, who was in charge, was locked in his room playing on his lap top. Cameron left to his own devices had eaten 4 fudgesicles...I asked him who gave him permission to eat one and he told me Grandma (first whopper). He stuck to his story till I told him I was going to ask her. Then as I was attempting to use the bathroom in PRIVATE...somebody just wanted to talk. He told me that he was on yellow again today,when I asked him why, he tells this story..ok second whopper, "these kids on recess pushed me...then they all stood around me calling me you are a stinky boy (you should have seen his face--he looked so sad about the whole event--slid down the wall and sat on the floor to talk) hurt my feelings and then I cried real hard." I asked if the teacher had done anything and he says NO!! Ok, I got sucked in for 2.5 seconds. Here are the thoughts that raced through my head:
  • My poor little boy!!!
  • How come nobody called me?
  • What kind of school is my son attending??
  • What kind of parent's raise kids like that?????
  • What brats!!!!!

Then I jumped back into reality and realized it was probably another WHOPPER!!!! I got him to fess up again when I said I was going to call the teacher as soon as I was done in the bathroom. There was a third lie (reason for the triple Whopper picture) but I can't recall what it is. Another chance for a parenting moment...I made him pinkie swear he would tell the truth and then I told him the story of the boy who cried wolf--his only comment was, "I like that story can you tell it again."

I mentioned a few days ago that my brother and son are EXACTLY ALIKE!!!! Keith use to make up the most bizarre stories as a child...he had an active imagination. I think Teri started this--we would always ask him after he was done telling a story, "Keith truth or story?"


Dallin said...

Oh the joys of a 6 year-old. I appreciate the credit for truth or story...and I know I asked it a thousand times...but I'm pretty sure dad started that one...scary, they are alike aren't they???

John and Jaime said...

I love reading your blog. Your posts are always so entertaining. I love the way you re-tell a story.
It is amazing how easily these little guys come up with stories/"whoppers" themselves. Some are better than others and it sounds like Cameron has an awesome imagination. Cute!!

Twisted Sister said...

Updating myself to your blog. Lots of great stuff. And, ummmmmm yeah I want to come in November. (Was my asking you outright too big of a hint? :->)

milestone28 said...

I get such a kick out of your Cameron stories. You are such a good mom and I am totally taking notes so I can use your tactics on my SON when HE is born!!!