Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I want chocolate!!!!

As you've read in previous blogs Cameron has struggled with staying on green at school. I attempted to award him with an extra school lunch once he got 5 green days--that reward failed because my kid does'nt like school lunches...WEIRD!!!!! We made a chart with 10 squares and each day he got a green he would mark one off. He decided that when he reached 10 that we would go for ice cream. It's taken us a few weeks but Cameron finally did it. Now, when he gets another 15 he wants to go to Denny's--what???

Cousin Kensie is in town for Halloween and her birthday and Cameron wanted her to come along. Good thing I had a coupon for buy one get one because neither of them finished their ice cream.

Cameron always gets chocolate and Kensie always wants the pink kind!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yum- I want some too ;)! Um yea its not the same at all without her there!!!