Friday, August 29, 2008

What, he can't be 6 already?????

Cameron turned six on the 29th of August...its amazing how time flies. It was not that long ago I was pregnant and giving birth...well, I really try not to think about it! We took Cameron to breakfast at Denny's. I was thinking pancakes, bacon and some oj but NO he wanted a burger and fries. Hmmmm, ok it's your birthday!
Aunt Jamie, Uncle Steve and Kensie came...Cameron was telling everyone that they got him a "credit card!" That's what you get when you have a rich uncle!!!! Really it was a Target card but what's the difference.

Cameron is hot and cold with Kensie. Some days he likes her and others days...well, not so much! It really makes Kensie sad. I asked him if he was going to be kind to her today and he said, "Yes, today my heart is not broken but tomorrow it might be and then I can't be her friend." Where did he learn that? It looks like his heart is ok today!

I have the funniest brother EVER!!!! They're all moving to California and I'm totally bummed! When you get use to someone being around all the's going to be weird not having them. But I'm not going to think about it right now because I will cry! They are coming back for Halloween (Dallin will be her too) which will be way fun!

After breakfast I took Cameron to meet his Grandma for the weekend and off to Ensign Ranch I went. My calling in church is the stake single adult rep (that is singles 30 to dead). I love my calling and meet a lot of great people. This camp out is a huge activity that takes a lot of planning. It's the longest running singles activity in the area (33rd year). There were approximately 800 people there (singles and their families)...we have church under a huge tent and tons of activities. The Federal Way stake was in charge of security...look at the cool rig I got to drive around in.

My dad asked me when I got back "how was hunting?" I'm reading the Twilight serious right now (on the last book) and I pictured myself hunting like the Cullen's. Not a pretty sight! I tell my "non-Mormon" friends that I'm out "husband hunting" (not very good at it--obviously!) But really that does not sound to appealing either.


amie979 said...

HAHA You are SO funny!

Jamie said...

Looks like you had a fun birthday Cameron, good luck in school!!

Mandy you crack me up!! You need to go to her website and read the portion of Midnight sun that she has posted, it is some of twilight from Edwars point of view.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Mandy I love it. Very nice job on all the photos. I smile from ear to ear and laugh while checking out your little mans pictures. Wow wow wow your are such an amazing mom..... I just LOVE YOU

Anonymous said...

OH P.S. The Anonymous person is me Mandy LOL LOL AKA Netzloff

Teresa Marie said...

Hey there, if you were one of the ones riding around on that vehicle are you one of the ones who is in the photo on my cell phone that was found? :)

Thanks! :)