Friday, July 18, 2008

I want to marry you

Cameron tells me on a daily basis that he wants to marry me. I've tried to explain to him in many different ways that it doesn't work that way.  I even had my dad talk to him and he just told Cameron that it would be like Grandpa marrying one of his aunts--thanks Dad like he understood that and I got a gross visual. This morning we were talking and again he told me he wanted to marry me...after a long discussion I let him know that when he turns 14 that he is going to hate me (I was a beast at that age so I know what is coming one day). I'm blogging this so I have proof in 8 years of what he said, "mom, I will never hate are my best friend. I will always love you." 


amie979 said...

ooo so sweet!!

Stephanie said...

How cute, and another great reason why we blog!