Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bug Safari

I heard about the Bug Safari from my Aunt and was way excited to take Cameron. He loves bugs, to pick them up, study them, read about them and kill them. I want to first say the two of us had a blast yesterday but I will not recommend this place to anyone. I learned a big lesson I should of called first and inquired about this place: it was a one room safari (not much bigger then my room) with maybe 15 tanks of bugs (the website claimed there were 40 different species), we were there for 10 min and it cost $14.00!!! I'm totally smiling right now because this is how things usually go for me. Well, since I had just paid an additional $14.00 for parking and we had only used 10 min of our 2 hours we went out adventuring.

Gift shops usually throw Cameron into a tail spin and of course you enter and exit the Bug Safari through the gift shop. He did great, we played with a few things and left...I escaped without getting sucked into spending money on some dumb toy--YIPEE!!!!

We headed up the hill to Pike Place Market, checked out the golden pig and watched the men who are on Free Willy (one of Cameron's favorite movies)  throw the fish.

Then we walked around Seattle and Cameron kept yelling out, "I love New York City!" We watch too much TV and he associates tall buildings with New York. We headed down to the water front and rode the Carousel.


Oh, and here are more attempts of taking those stupid self-portraits (nice bra)!!!!!

Success, I finally did it!!!!!

Today was fantastic...Yes, I did get suckered into buying a toy gun for $3.99, "but mom it's a pirate gun and I don't have a pirate gun!!!!!"

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Unguren said...

How fun in Seattle. And of course he had to have a pirate gun. Every one needs one of those.