Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July!

This year we all headed to Celebration Park with all the other idiots in Federal Way! You see fireworks are illegal in Federal Way...the motto is "if it goes up or blows up it's illegal" hmm--popits anyone? 

With Cameron's sensory issues he is very sensitive to sound; often covering his ears or running to hide when there are loud sounds. The funniest one was in church one Sunday there was a special musical number (a quartet) Cameron stood on the pew with his hands over his ears asking to leave--we were in the 3rd row. I'm sure people thought that he was inferring they sounded awful--it took everything out of me not to laugh. Things are 10x better...we had a huge breakthrough this year!!!! Here is the progression with fireworks over the last several years:

1 years old: Hid under the bed at other grandma & grandpa's house(other=my dad and Mim--it's Cameron's way of distinguishing between his grandparents. I think it's way cute and hope no one ever gets offended by "other").

2 years old: Sat and watched movies at other grandma & grandpa's house. Just to inform you at my dad's house they have roman candle wars--yes, they stand on the roof, hid behind cars and blast each other with roman candles. At this point I was not sure if it was the sound of fireworks or just the terror of seeing your uncles and grandpa engulfed in flames that scared him more.

3 years old: Sat on other grandma & grandpa's couch and watched from the front window.

4 years old: We were in Utah at a family reunion...we all drove out to a cow field and watched a great firework show. Cameron began to freak out before we got there...we turned the music up in the car and he watched from the front seat. This was huge progress!!!!!

Drum Roll Please...

5 years old: This year at the park there was no where to hide...the car was a mile away and Cameron was stuck. He started to get real nervous and asked to go several times. I brought along some headphones and his game, he wore the headphones for the first part of the fireworks and then by the end he was down sitting with his Aunt Jamie and cousin Kensie. WOW!!!!!!!

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