Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I love Shutterfly

For the past several years I've been making christmas cards through Shutterfly. I love being able to capture the year on a simple card. Friends and family loves to receive and Shutterfly makes it so easy. They have a lot of great designs, upload is easy and shipping is so affordable.
Check out these great designs!!!! You can make your christmas cards by going here.

My sister Teri made me my first photo book it was for my birthday and it was out trip to Disney World. I loved it and then started making my own. I've made several for my son but the one I was most excited about was the one I made to capture the buying and decorating of my new house. It sits on my coffee table and everyone can enjoy. Check out all the options here. Shutterfly is so fun and easy to use!!!! If you'd like to get 50 free cards you can apply here I can't wait to get mine and start creating.

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Anonymous said...

umm.... when did you start advertising other sites on your blog?