Friday, September 10, 2010


This is probably a little bit inappropriate to be posting but this is my journal and so I'm going to do it.
C: Why do girls wipe every time they go to the bathroom?
M: Because girls don't have a penis.
C: How do they pee?
M: It comes out of their front. We poop out the back and pee out the front.
C: (with a smile on his face) so what's it called?
M: a vagina
C: (looks at me funny) a ragina? Well, I'm going to call it a penis.
M: No, girls don't have those they have a vagina!
C: (made a pose like a superhero and in a loud voice yells) Penis vs raginas


The Watson's... said...

And how does he know girls wipe every time they go?!!! you two are too funny!

Twisted Sister said...

And the challengers are.... hahahahaha

Suzanne said...

don't you just love boys!? blakes like to ask me if random people have a wee wee or not... gotta love it!

Alicia Jones said...

OMG!!! me and jeremy about died from laughing

Mama Thompson said...

c'mon...even Dallin knows that girls don't have a penis....."girls pee out a hole":)

Unguren said...

It is a constant battle...I think raginas always win.

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

oh that is too funny! you guys are cute!