Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Movie Date

Cameron and I had a date Friday night. His school was showing the movie G-Force and serving pizza. We had soooooooo much fun and that really was not said sarcastically. We loaded our bean bag chairs in the car, grabbed some blankets and headed out the door. Cameron was so cute; we set up, got in line for pizza and snacks and then he wanted to sit with me and not with his friends. The movie was ok but being there made Cameron's day and that made the night perfect!


Mama Thompson said...

So fun!

Suzanne said...

how fun! i love one on one dates with the boys!

Mama Thompson said...

Don't mean to be rude to Alicia, but I'm pretty sure blood relative trumps in-law and my jewelry button needs to be moved up a step...just sayin'.