Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quack Quack Quack

My mom, sis Vicki, Cameron and I went to Ride the Ducks on Monday! It was actually a lot of fun and it better be for $46 (and that was only for Cameron and I). You get a 60 min land ride through Seattle and a 30 min water ride and it's packed full of insightful information, fun music to sing-a-long to and VERY lame jokes.

There's Cameron with his quaker!!!

Cameron can be hard to please and gets bored real easy but he actually enjoyed this adventure and when it was all over asked if we could do it again.

It's strange to think that one moment you're on land and the next floating in the water.

After we were done we had a picnic under the Space Needle.

It was a gorgeous day!

I told you we were right under the Needle!!!!

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