Monday, August 9, 2010

It's all random!

Let me start out by saying I uploaded all of these backwards and I'm not redoing since it just took me an hour to upload these!!!! You'll have to bare with me and this might get a little confusing for sure!!

Going back to a place that you haven't been to in over 14 years you would expect some changes....but this place is totally different!!! Welcome to Rexburg, ID. I spent 2 years of my life here and I have to say it was probably the best 2 years of my life. I was young, free and independent!!!


This is the grocery store that we would walk to....matter of fact it was the only grocery store in town and they had free delivery. So, if you couldn't hitch a ride from one of your friends at least it was close and you didn't have to haul all your groceries home.


Several years ago Ricks College became BYU-Idaho. This was the only thing I found on campus that was there when I was there. Well, I found Thor but forgot to take a picture :(

Christi's graduation was long but I was glad I was able to attend!!!

YEA!!!! She did it!!!

She's accomplished a lot and I'm so proud of her!!!


We ran around and shopped today!!!! We also went to the Hatch Family Chocolates you may notice this place from here. Steve Hatch was there but I thought it was cheezy asking for a picture of him since I've never even seen the show. The chocolates were good. My sister said their hot chocolate is to die for but drinking some in 90 degree weather didn't sound very appetizing!!!

After we left with our treats we drove by this shop....I made Teri stop because I thought it was so funny!!!!


All my handbags traveled to SLC via mom and UPS....I was very excited to have a party and to hang out with friends and my cousins. It was a successful show...thanks Teri!!!!!

Teri also had her fantastic jewels out!!!!! She is so talented!

Talk about talent look at this yummy spread.......she even made purse cookies!

My cousins that were able to make it!!!

Brooke Taylor who we've known for a very long time!!!!!


Vicki and I flew in around 1 and we were off to Rexburg for Christi's Senior Recital (I was not planning on attending her Graduation later in the week but as you saw at the beginning of the post I did). It was fun to visit and rock out to old tunes!

I was so excited to return to Rexburg but everything was soooooo different!!!

This is where I lived in the Spring of 94'

My sisters and my mom!!!! It was great to all be together and hang out for a minute!

MY S-I-S-T-E-R-S!!!

It will always be Rick's college to me!

A temple was built there in 07' and it's an amazing site up behind the school on the hill!!! It's cool and strange to see all the changes that have taken place and to think there wasn't even internet when I was attending this school.

This was the SPOT....the peach pit and guess what????
It's GONE!!!! Nothing but this sign remains! Devastated!!!

Here's where I lived my first year at school 92' Heritage Manor. I moved in with 5 strangers and had the best year EVER!!!!!!
Mountain Pines????? What was wrong with Heritage Manor?

I lived here my second year....Royal Crest!

New Craigo's. New sign. New location. New food. Not home of the Famous Breadsticks anymore!!! Ask anyone that's why we went to Craigo's, for their breadsticks and they don't even make them anymore!!!!

Mary and Kim Taylor. 2 of the nicest people you've ever met....heck they put up with me!!!

Christi's recital. It was amazing and she did a tremendous job!!!! Words can't truly describe how talented she really is!

This was my trip in a nut shell! I have a few more pics to upload and I'll get to those in a few!!!

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Anonymous said...

I was jealous when I saw the word Craigos- until I read your snipit! Darn- I LOVED Craigos breadsticks- you're making me hungry ;)