Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Cameron

I have a wonderful friend and her name is Nancy!!! She's so creative and an amazing baker. So, I had an idea in my head and was not sure how to execute and guess what??? She was able to do it!!!! Thank you Nancy!!!

Cameron was requesting a Super Mario B-day party and what better but a Mega Mushroom Cake!

The pattern

The Cake

Here we goooooooooo

The Base

Nancy piped the whole cake and even did some shading to give it dimension

Here he is and he's sooooooo cute!

This year Cameron and I talked and we decided Chuck E. Cheese was the place.
I did it on a Tuesday night and it was perfect. The place was quiet. We had the whole upstairs to ourselves and the kids were fabulous!!!

My cake inspiration came from the napkins I ordered.

The Kids enjoying PIZZA!!!

Cameron was so excited

All 11 kids!

Present time

Cake time!

Happy Birthday Cameron!!!!

His 'real' birthday is on the 29th. The reason we had this party early is so his BF Garret could come and Cameron made sure he told everyone that!!! This was the best party I've thrown. I get so stressed out having lots of people over and how will I entertain and what games will we play and then there is the mess and on and on and on. So, being able to go in set up, kids to play freely and then to leave the mess was heaven sent! I'll be doing something like this again for sure!

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