Sunday, July 25, 2010

We're driving home and it's a long one

I'm so behind on it is one month after my CA trip and I still haven't blogged about our trip home.

Cameron and I had a great time in CA and the ride home may have taken 16 hours but it was well worth it. We stopped at several rest stops to stretch our legs and

we stopped in Weed, CA to go to the Weed Store. They carry some of the funniest t-shirts, bumper stickers and more. I bought myself a Weed, CA magnet. Probably looks silly hanging on a drug and alcohol counselor's fridge.

Then in OR we stopped at Wilderness Safari. Cameron and I had a blast checking out all of the animals. We spent 2.5 hours there and it was well worth the $35!

Cameron very happy because he got to sit in the front seat as we drove through and started looking for the animals.

Then we hit major traffic in Portland and even got stuck on this draw bridge, "quick mom take my picture...this is my first time on a draw bridge!'

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