Sunday, April 11, 2010

2nd Place Winner

Cameron had his first track meet on Saturday. Unfortunately, I missed the whole thing because I was off selling handbags but he did great. When I finally arrived I went and found him on the field. He was so excited to see me and never realized I wasn't in the crowd cheering him on.

Here is the mass flood of was some serious chaos.

The first graders got to participate in 3 events; the long jump, 50 yd dash and the baseball throw. Next meet he will get to do the relay.

Here he is just before the race (thanks Jem and Alicia for taking pics)

and their off

always have to check out your component

Cameron is a fast mom says he's like a gazelle. 

Cameron won 2nd place in the 50 yard dash. He was super excited!!! Thanks Dad, Mim, Vicki, Jem, Alicia and Aiden for hanging out and supporting Cameron!!!


Anonymous said...

gotta watch out for those components...LOL

Jamie said...

...ya Mand, it's opponent DUHHhh :-)

Unguren said...

Good job Cameron!