Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The last month has been crazy.....

It's been a crazy month and I need to get current with my blogging!!! Cameron and I are getting along REAL good lately and he's been very patient with me and all my running around. The new business is soaring and that makes me very if I could just slow down long enough to mow my grass and clean my bathroom then I'll be good-to-go!

Bare with me as I blog....
In February my dad had a birthday. It's always fun to get together with the family and just laugh!!!
Happy Birthday DAD!!!!

Grandma was in town and I love seeing her....Cameron especially gets excited, "my great grandma is here!"

Then that same weekend we went down to the beach on a beautiful Sunday afternoon with some friends...I've never in all the years I've lived here seen as much ocean life as we did that day. There were starfish all over the place, sand dollars by the thousands and lots of dead crabs.

My friend Brandi

Cameron doesn't care if the crabs are dead or alive he just loves to play with them. Another odd thing was we thought starfish only had 5 legs.........but these had 10???

Then came my birthday and we all know how important that day is!!! Cameron frosted a cake for me and even put the squiggly candles in the shape of 36! See my tea kettle in the cute!

Then he picked Red Robin to eat makes him happy and the meal is free for me!

Cameron's best friend Garret came along to help celebrate

and the bird was even here! Yes, it's sitting on my lap!

All in all it was a great day!!! I feel fabulous and so excited to see what this year brings!
Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Cameron's cousins all came into town and they brought a new little addition, meet
Christina Star

Getting them to all sit still and take pictures is a HUGE task but at least we tried!

Then this past weekend I headed to the ocean with my friend Brandi to attend an NA conference. What a great weekend!!!

lots of fantastic speakers, good food, fun shopping, great company and lots of laughter.

This is my friend Jennifer who's been asking me to go to this function for years!
Let's not forget the very tiny bathroom where the water is either 54 below zero or 157 hot...ouch!!!!

that says it all for me!!!

It's been a great month and I'm so excited for Spring to get here and then of course Summer (I'm so excited to hang out this summer in our new house)...Cameron and I have lots of fun things coming up so stay tuned.
Here is the little tree that's in front of my makes me smile every time I pull into the driveway! Life is good!!!!


Mama Thompson said...

Yeah update...! Love the guys your tree...yes, you need to mow your lawn:)

Anonymous said...

Glad your doing good! I love that tree- its beautiful! Happy belated birthday

Unguren said...

You should of boiled some of those starfish. They would make excellent decoratios.

Happy belated Birthday.