Monday, February 8, 2010

oops I did it again.....

A couple of years ago my mom and I did a cleanse and I was unable to drink Diet Pepsi. I love Diet Pepsi!! Did you hear me? I love Diet Pepsi!!! After laying in bed for about 19 hrs in caffeine withdrawal I decided that I would no longer drink it. I did really good for a long time....caffeine-free Diet Coke became my new fav (caffeine-free Diet Pepsi if gross). Well, this past summer I started dabbling with caffeine again but I would drink anything but Diet Pepsi....I thought as long as I didn't drink Diet Pepsi then it would be ok.
About a month ago I had a Diet Pepsi and now I can't stop drinking it. I stop at Circle K a couple of times a week and buy a 32 oz and I currently have a 24 pack hidden in my trunk (it's not really hidden I just have not brought it in from the store yet). Why do I feel so guilty? I'm treating it like a drug! I was at my mom's yesterday and poured it in to a glass and then disposed of the can so nobody would make a big deal about it. Is it really that big of a deal?
This weekend a friend and I were running errands and she saw in my backseat I had a case of caffeine-free Diet Coke then she saw in my trunk that I had Diet Pepsi; here's her perspective on the whole ordeal...."Mandy, it's like if I was to drink a beer one day and then O'dules the next. What's the point?"


Mama Thompson said...

shame shame!

Jamie said...

When you're on Lithium you can't have caffeine at all. The minute I got off it I grabbed a Dr. Pepper and a big glass of ice. It had been so long since I had caffeine I thought my heart was going to explode... needless to say when I am in Utah, I ALWAYS find the Caffeine-free Diet Dr. Pepper :-)

Christi Jones said... teach the High School kids about how bad it is...a little hypocritical, but you have free agency!! :o) I still love you!!

AMIT said...

You know what i hate diet pepsi i drunk once the taste was so rubbish i thrown it.

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