Friday, February 19, 2010

Here we go again

So tonight we're at Vicki's hanging out and Cameron starts in with this story.....(let me give you a little background; he loves these candy treats and yesterday while at the store I bought 8 boxes for a $1.25....SCORE!!! He asked if he could put a box in his lunch and I said yes).

C: I ate my candy during lunch today.
M: Good.
C: One of the hearts said let's kiss and I gave it to Michelle (saying this with a little snicker)
M: Oh and what did she say?
C: (even bigger smile) she smiled at me and told me the candy tasted good.

What am I going to do--he's only 7?????


AMIT said...

Wow nice romantic candies are there.

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Jamie said...

You should have given him the Twilight hearts... at least they say "Bite Me" :-)

Unguren said...

Man O man. Good luck with that.