Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm a little behind on blogging but the good news is, today I'll have internet at my house and will no longer have an excuse! Soccer has started once again and I'll catch you up where were at with all of that later......stay tuned to hear about the power of the DS (Nintendo DS that is)! Before his game on Saturday I had to run to Lowe's to grab a garden hose....they are expensive! I wanted to buy one that was $15.95 but I made the mistake of calling my dad and he said I needed to invest a little money so that I don't spend my whole day un-kinking the rope. So naturally I bought the one that said NEVER KINKS for $42.95.....ouch! After the hose adventure I wanted to see what kind of plastic tubs they had--need a bunch to house all my shoes, handbags and sunglasses. Have you come over to look yet?

M: Excuse me sir where are your plastic tubs?
Lowe's Store Manager: Follow me and I'll show you
C: Mom, I know where there at

Now Cameron acted as if he knew where he was going, pointing down this way and that. The LSM intrigued with Cameron and is ability to show the way even though he didn't really know the way.

LSM: Wow, maybe we should give you a red vest and you can work here.
C: (looking confused)
M: What did you say?
LSM: He can wear a vest and work here.
C: (small pause) Nah, I'd rather work at Home Depot!

The Store Manager found Cameron to be hilarious. I was shocked he was so quick on the spot. While we were checking out the LSM came over and gave Cameron a Lowe's hat and told him if he got the job at HD then he needed to wear this!


Anonymous said...

OMG! That is so funny hahahha!!!!

Jamie said...

hahaha.... he is so a jones....