Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I wanna get a big one

I've been given a lot crap today when I told a couple of friends that Cameron could only pick a pumpkin that he could friend said, "what! Every little boy wants the biggest pumpkin they can find!" I told them then they could pay the 29 cents a pound and carve it (I hate carving pumpkins) Good thing Christi is coming home this week because I have a job for her!

Sooooooo glad Vicki made the plans to head to the patch....we had some good laughs! First, we started off in the maze. It was a werewolf maze and when we were paying Cameron asked the lady if the werewolf were in cages???? She didn't know what to say....I told her we get our $$ back if we don't see any, right? Ok, these corn mazes are HARD!!! We kept getting lost and then a little boy had to use the restroom so we gave up!

Then it was time to pick a pumpkin. Do we really need to pull a cart??? He just had to even though he could only pick a pumpkin that he could carry!

Here is where the laughter started........I've got the best family in the world!

as Cameron was walking through the patch he saw this green pumpkin:
C: That's a kid
M: (I looked at Vicki and said what?)
V: It's green it's a kid
C: You can't pick it it's not ready
M: oh!
Vicki did I get that right?????

Cameron loves to take pictures but he wants to tell you what facial expression to express....
#1 "Mom you be happy and Vicki you be ___????" What are you doing?

#2 "Both of you be happy"

#3 "Be angry" or were we suppose to be surprised?

#4 "Be sad!"

#5 "I'm a pumpkin with arms"

Watch out Cameron you're sitting on a, mom this one is a teenager! Who taught him this!!! It's not as funny as it was yesterday when he was saying it......

ahhhh......Happy Halloween!!!!

after picking at least 4 pumpkins and throwing them all back (he literally threw them back) he finally found one he could carry!

poor thing had a hard time staying on the cart!

Cameron tried to get us to take more pictures but we went for a group shot instead!

I took a lot of pictures yesterday and they all turned out so good I have to share!

Oh Yea!!! This is why we got the cart. He actually pulled me for a little ways....extremely impressed with his brute strength!


Anonymous said...

I love the one of you and Cameron- that is one you NEED to print and put it in a frame- DARLING! I can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch!

Mackenzie said...

i love the things kids say! that was so funny.

and can you tell vicki that I love her coat? :)