Saturday, September 12, 2009

Singles Campout

Time again for the annual Ensign Ranch Singles Campout! I've been attending for 6 years and each year I've had a HUGE assignment so this year I decided not to volunteer so I could take Cameron and we could have some fun. Well......with all the changes in our lives we aren't getting along very well and I'd rather stay home and not get along then not get along out in public! We went up just for Saturday and it was pouring down rain so 4 hours later we headed home!
Cameron instantly made friends with Mark who had the quad!

The circus was in town at the Ranch and Cameron had a great time!

Even better he ate an Airhead and his 4th tooth finally came out! The other day he was talking to my mom and I about his teeth and he kept referring to 5 teeth. I said, "Cameron you've only lost 4 teeth" and he reminded me very quickly, "No, I lost this tooth twice, remember?" I'd forgotten the dentist had to remove an extra tooth.

Horse rides are very popular at the Ranch but unfortunately all the slots get taken very quickly. So, we went on a wagon ride!

Here is Cameron's green fangs he won at the circus!!!!

Trying to scare Mom!

It was a good day I just wish the weather had cooperated!

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