Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Banks Lake 09'

I've been a very bad blogger.....I have about 7 posts all uploaded and waiting for me to input some text. Hopefully this weekend I can get it down! I know you will all be waiting at the edge of your seats.......

End of July first part of August Cameron and I took off to Eastern WA and enjoyed 6 glorious days at Banks Lake. What's even better is we weren't here when it was 102!!!!!

I caught a frog and Cameron just loved it!

Jeremy and Alicia came up from Utah....she is sooooo cute pregnant and I can't wait to meet something Wade or something Ricker (sorry I couldn't help myself....inside family thing)!

and I got to spend 2 weeks solid with these 2 plus Kensie!! I miss them terribly but am happy then are happy in CA!

Klowsey flew in from Utah!!!

There were lots and lots and lots of boat rides,

many floating adventures
and of course self-portraits!

Here is my Dad and Uncle Kyle....they both have Master Crafts! Keith made them t-shirts!!!
Can you guess what color their boats are?

Cameron has come along way....2 years ago he would not even get on the we can't get him off!

and I'm not very good at said self-portraits!

I thought this was a cool pic so I decided to post!

Cameron found a new favorite thing to do......tubing!

It was a very fun 2 vacations fell right between the buying of my new house so it was hard to relax but Cameron and I had a great time!!!!!


Dallin said...

so help me if the name Ricker or Wade gets used...I'm just saying...dibs is totally fair people...totally fair...

Unguren said...

I love Banks!

Anonymous said...

LOL omg SO not funny!!! at least someone is able to laugh about this ;)

HAHHA! i love how you're completely covering keitho's face! You're very good at SELF portraits, it's just when anyone else tries to get in the picture :P!

i love the pic of cameron on the floatee, he looks like he just plopped there and zonked out its adorable :)