Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tap, Swing, Slide

Cameron is finally starting to enjoy t-ball!!!! He thinks being #6 is pretty cool since he is 6 and as you see he refuses to tuck in his shirt! Not worth the fight!

Here is Cameron's t-ball ritual...

First, you must tap the plate

Second, swing real hard

Third, slide into home!!!

I tried to get a better picture but I always push the button too soon....better luck next game!


Unguren said...

Gavin like to drag his bat in the dirt. T-Ball is so funny to watch. I love that he has specific things that he does.

I think that his and Gavin's jerseys are the same color.

Anonymous said...

i hate when that happens! SLR cameras have a lot faster shutter speed so they click faster lol so you don't have the problem of having to guess when it will click so if it really starts to bug you that's an idea