Thursday, May 28, 2009

I made another offer......

I made another offer on a house yesterday....the other one is still pending and I've continued to look. The funny thing is this house is in the backyard of the other house......must like the neighborhood! Cameron loved it and already made friends with the neighbors.

Living Room (the fireplace appears to be needs a little work)


Master Bedroom


I like both houses for different reasons. Here are the pros for this house:
  1. it's in a cul-da-sac
  2. 1100 square feet instead of 884
  3. they made the 2 car garage a 1 car garage and now it's a big play room
  4. the kitchen is not a hallway and actually has a little seating area off of it
  5. the back porch is covered
  6. it has sky lights
  7. hardly any flower beds to weed :)
  8. Has an alarm system
  9. laminate flooring throughout...which means only 1 room needs carpet (the play room)

The cons:

  1. has metal windows
  2. no fridge
  3. needs paint (this is a given)
  4. the fireplace is missing the hearth

I will find out tomorrow if they accept my offer!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Those are easy cons- how exciting- I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! It's cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy and Cameron!

Cute house and it has lots of potential :)

Will think good thoughts for you!


Anonymous said...

How fun! I'm so excited for you! Keep me posted! :-D DeDe