Saturday, December 6, 2008

Who buys a tree at Home Depot???

What happened to the good ole' days of heading up to the mountain as a family, tracking through the snow and cutting down a tree...who has time for that??? This year Home Depot it is!

Cameron hates having his picture taken, "I SAID stop taking my picture!"

We picked out a great tree and the price was great!

No sleigh ride at this tree farm...but a cart ride is just as fun!

Cameron loves loves loves the Rudolph story and the Bumble...he spotted this guy from across the store. Other Grandma bought a very cool play set with all the characters a few years back and Cameron started begging to get it out about a month ago.

Tying up the tree with Grandma

Cameron has a couple of nativity sets...fisher price little people and a very cute veggie tale nativity. Grandma is generous enough to give up one of her tables for Cameron's stuff...hopefully that will keep him out of all the other stuff...yea right! We started off the evening reading the story of Jesus, put up the nativity and then decorated the tree.

You are probably wondering why he doesn't have a shirt on? All I can say is that's Cameron...and for those of you who know him at least he has his pants on!

Why do kids cluster everything together on the same limb???

Drum roll please....

For Cameron's first Christmas Mim made me a tree skirt with Cameron's hand and feet prints. Each year she has added to's been a great memory and very fun to watch how much he has grown in 6 years. I laughed last night thinking about what it would look like when he is a senior in high school and his feet are a size 12!!!! I love Christmas and all the memories it brings.


Riley Family said...

It's a georgeous tree with a great tree skirt. But I will have to give my Dad a hard time for buying a tree at the HD! Come on Dad you can do better than that!!

Dallin said...

I love it!!! Love the purchase at HD...Love the shirtless decorator....Love the finished project!

Unguren said...

At least it is a real tree. So no matter what you have that even if you got it at the home depot. It looks great decorated!

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

i LOVED this post. first off, we have bought a tree at Lowe's many years in a row, and now we have an artificial one, but guess what we bought it at Lowe's too (just realized that, funny to me). secondly, my kids are ALWAYS running around in their panties, i don't get it.
third, love the tree skirt. what a wonderful idea.

John and Jaime said...

As I was reading your blog and looking at the pictures I had to laugh. We have all the same pictures. We got our tree at HD too...hilarious!!

amie979 said...

I love that you took pics and made it special even though it was HD. I agree with above least it's real that's more than most of us can say:)