Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Madness

We woke-up to a ton more snow but at least it has not snowed "yet" today!!! Today is the first official day our winter break; I was not planning to be house bound but we're making the best of it! Cameron hit the backyard first thing this morning...he decided his first job was to clean off the slide.

That's a quick way to get the job done!

The shock of all this snow should be over...BUT IT'S NOT!!!! Yes, Dallin that's your picnic table snuggled under all that white. Do you still want it?

Teri these next few pics are for you...

After our success last night with our first snowman Cameron is determined to make another one.

How cute is this????

Meet the Jones Family: Jamie, Steve & Kensie

and after a quick wardrobe change
Meet the Thompson Family: Teri, David & Dallin


Dallin said...

Those are awesome!!!! I love them and shall be posting on my blog!

Anonymous said...

You're snowman families are the cutest thing ever! Looks like you guys have done a really good job at staying "sane" while stuck inside. We've had to become creative too ;)

Twisted Sister said...

Such great pictures! Love, love the snowmen...