Sunday, December 14, 2008

Finally, it snowed...

Last night Vicki, Cameron and I met my Dad, Mim and Mike down at the mall...we had a great time shopping and eating. Cameron was sooooooo excited when we walked out of the mall and it had begun snowing, "Mom, snow looks like little feathers...right now a bunch of white birds just flew over and their feathers are everywhere."

"Other" Grandpa bought Cameron a new scarf last was hilarious as we were walking out of the Gap Cameron had his scarf up to his nose (the same place he puts his blankie) and he says, "mom, it doesn't smell like blankie but it feels like him...I'm going to wear him, can I wear it to bed tonight?" My dad and I got a good laugh--remember blankie is not allowed to leave the house anymore. Now, he has an on-the-go-blankie!!!

In Washington school is usually cancelled when snow falls and so is CHURCH!!! Can you believe it??? Not sure what I'm going to do with myself today...hmmm????


Unguren said...

The other day it was raining pretty hard here in Vegas and Blake was wondering if they were going to cancel church. Funny.

DeDe said...

i want to live in washington! snow = no school OR church. I'M MOVING! :-)