Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yuen Lui in the making

We went to visit my Aunt Stephanie and cousin Mackenzie yesterday and Cameron got bored real quick. Digital camera can be so is what he captured.

"You guys act happy"

"Be sad"

(my mom had a hard time being serious)

"Act surprised"

"Pretend like your me your fists"

"Be sad--again" (the camera was taking forever to take the picture I think my mom was sneaking a peak--luckily I have a new camera on order and Cameron can have the piece of junk)

"Laugh really hard"

Really Cameron I think we have both had enough!!!!!

Self Portrait

Aunt Stephanie and Cousin Mackenzie

Vicki is going to kill me for putting this on here but since she never reads my blog she'll never know!

1 comment:

Victoria said...

Rude Mandy! Haha! Love you, but really you could remove the pic!