Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey 101

What would we do without video chat? My brother Steve moved to CA in October with his family and this is the first Thanksgiving he has been on his own. My brother Keith drove down there to be with them--so there are three adults and not one knows how to cook the bird! So, Steve called this morning to learn how to cook a turkey via web cam. This is high tech technology!
It's a turkey cook off!!!!
My mom told Steve to stick his hand in the turkey and pull out the junk...he got so grossed out and then said his hands won't fit. Yea, right...your arms aren't that big!


Dallin said...

Ohhhh....that is sooooooooo funny!!!!!!

amie979 said...

HAHAH What an awesome idea!! I love it!

Riley Family said...

That is hilarious!!!!!!!! I am still cracking up!! Happy Thanksgiving!