Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Need your help!!!!!!!!!!

Mason, #20 (who is on Cameron's soccer team) house burnt down yesterday. Everyone is safe but they lost everything. If you have any boy stuff that you would like to donate I'm sure the family would appreciate it. Mason is about the same size as Cameron--contact me if you want ideas. They also have a daughter who is around 10 (I think). I'll try and get more details about the family. I'd be willing to come and pick up or you could drop of at my house.

This is a video from Cameron's soccer game on Saturday. I love watching him play!


Riley Family said...

I would love to help! Unfortunatley I lack the kid clothes that will fit. Do they need housewares? Gosh I jsut got rid of a bunch of things when we moved. I will take a look at what I have and bring it up with us. If there is anything else specific let me know.

DeDe said...

i love the captions!! :-) great skills cameron!!

Christina said...

I had forgoten that the coaches are on the field. I miss this with my kids.